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2010 Tribe Lacrosse Fall Blog


Entry #18
Heather McDonald
Nov. 22, 2010

This week concluded our final week of 2010. It’s been amazing to watch the team develop and improve since we started in September, especially from the eyes of a freshman. Everyone from freshmen to seniors has come such a long way since the first practice, making us excited for the spring.

This week we focused on, as the coaches put it, the “larger picture”, which meant implementing everything we have worked on all fall and giving ourselves a taste of what the spring will be like. Our last practice was full of intensity and heart, and the energy out on the field was unreal. Being the final week of fall ball, this also meant it was time to max-out lifting. The team carried its energy and intensity right from the field to the weight room, where many of the girls set new personal bests in benching, squatting and power cleaning.

Tribe lacrosse also took time to celebrate Thanksgiving during an absolutely delicious team dinner. The seniors did an excellent job on the turkey (and managed not to burn their house down in the process). My personal favorite part of the meal was the mashed potatoes, thanks to the juniors, although Kyrstin Mackrides’ gravy was a close second. We said grace in the largest group I’ve ever seen do so, but it seems as though we were all thankful for the same thing: Our Tribe Lacrosse family.

Happy Turkey Day!

Heather McDonald


Entry #17
Ashley Holofcener
Nov. 15, 2010

As I stood in the Martin-Family Stadium this afternoon and watched the Tribe men’s soccer team celebrate their CAA CHAMPIONSHIP WIN I could not help but become overwhelmed with emotions imagining myself celebrating a CAA championship on our home field in a few months time. It was truly an amazing thing to be able to watch my friends, neighbors, and fellow student-athletes celebrate their 4-0 win over Hofstra. Tribe soccer played an unbelievable game today, dominating both halves all over the field. Their team chemistry is undeniable one that could be sensed in the stands through their constant communication and solid confidence. I just kept asking myself who could beat them today? As soon as the game was over all I wanted to do was get out there with our team and start playing - and with the final days of fall training this week, what more could I have asked for?? I could not be more excited to get out there with our team. The men’s soccer CAA championship only helps remind me how much these days in the fall matter and how it’s all in our hands. Overall, I could not be more pleased with the progress of Tribe Lacrosse this fall season. We have utilized each practice, each lift, and each training session, working on the little things so that come Spring we will be prepared to put together a full 60 minutes of well-played lacrosse. I have really seen our team come together over the past few weeks - defense is looking fierce, attack has become a solid unit, and our freshmen have proven themselves to fit right in. I can’t believe that my final days of fall training are right around the corner but I could not have asked for a better Senior fall season, and I am so excited to be ending this week feeling so confident and excited for what’s to come this Spring!! Oh… and for our Thanksgiving Feast on Friday ☺

WAY TO GO TRIBE MEN’S SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Entry #16
Grace Golden
Nov. 15, 2010

After starting November training strong in the first week, we maintained with that same energy this past week as we continued through our off-season training. This past week was scheduled the same as the first week and proved to be just another step in the right direction. We pushed ourselves through conditioning (especially when we heard those dreaded words… “meet you at the track tomorrow”) and made improvement in our lacrosse game as a team. It is great to watch the team push ourselves, knowing that in the end it will all pay off. The highlight of this week for me was the chance to play 7s all practice on Thursday because the defense got the chance to put in a new style of team defense. Even though it was the first day implementing that particular style, I have to say that it looked pretty good.

As members of the TRIBE family, we love supporting the other teams on campus. This weekend was the Men’s soccer CAA championship, so of course we went out in full force to support them. Though a little cold Friday, we all stood as a team and cheered them on to victory. Then on Sunday we were back out there screaming and heckling a little and THEY WON! It truly is such a privilege to be a part of this athletic community and to witness championships being won. The win has only motivated me that much more to achieve the same feat in the spring.
Go Tribe!!


Entry #15
Kyrstin Mackrides
Nov. 15, 2010

We continued to train hard this second week of November with heavy lifts, successful practices, and purposeful conditioning sessions. The week began with the usual lift preceding practice in which we split into two groups. One station practiced 3v3 on half while the other side worked on one of our offensive schemes. Through these drills, our team proved to be stepping up our game from the previous week.

On Tuesday, we met at the track in the frigid temperatures of the morning (here in SE Virginia that means 50 degrees at 8am). Our conditioning consisted of several sprints at various distances. We then picked up again on Thursday for our second practice of the week. This time, our session kicked off with one of our favorite shooting drills to get both defense and offense warmed up before we stepped out for 7v7. By this point in the week, Tribe Lacrosse was proving its ability to come back strong after a day off, and still bring the competitive drive.

Once again, we met on the track for Friday morning conditioning. We ran the timed mile in which every team member pushed one other to run through the finish line with her head held high. Next, we broke up into groups and sprinted/jogged two 400s, followed by an 800. I am so proud of this team for stepping up during these times and completing whatever task is put in front of us. Our week could not have ended any better! With Thanksgiving break just ahead, it is necessary that we end this off-season on a high note, in preparation for our up and coming spring season!

Kyrstin Mackrides

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal, a commitment to excellence, that will enable you to attain the success you seek."
-Mario Andretti


Entry #14
Jenny Michael
Nov. 9, 2010

This past week was our first week of November training. During this month we have limited practices that last only about an hour, so we have to be very effective with our time. On Monday we did three stations working on 50/50 balls in the 8 meter, 3 versus 3, and the Go-Go Drill which is one of my personal favorites. The ball movement was awesome during the Go-Go Drill, which led to some really pretty goals by attack. Defense’s communication is also coming together very well and a solid unit is continuing to form. Our energy carried over to Thursday morning’s practice where we played 7 versus 7 and had a great practice! On Tuesday and Friday we had conditioning. Tuesday we ran sprints and then did relay races as a green versus gold challenge. GREEN WON!!!! Green is making a comeback this year! Friday we did three different stations: stairs, agilities, and partner sprints. Afterward we played hand ball for another green versus gold challenge and GREEN WON AGAIN!!!!

One of the team’s new and fun post-workout activities is going to Berry Body in Colonial Williamsburg. This frozen yogurt bar has so many toppings to choose from! Last week the flavor was one of my personal favorites: pistachio! A bunch of us went to get some yogurt after practice and Emily Geary got one of the oddest flavor combinations. She had pistachio yogurt with fruit and butterscotch chips. Gross! It was so fun to sit outside in the warm Virginia weather eating our yogurt together. Wearing shorts while the leaves are changing during the fall is one of my favorite things about William and Mary.

Go Tribe!



Entry #13
Emily Geary
Nov. 8, 2010

After coming off of a very strong showing during our last weekend of fall ball, we let the energy from that outing carry over into our first week of November off-season training. Our off-season program consists of four days of team training a week—two practices, three lifts, and two conditioning sessions. While our time together as a team is limited, this part of the year always proves to be one of the most intense and crucial times for Tribe Lacrosse. It is this time of year where we make huge strides in our development as a team. Our November training tests our boundaries both as individuals and as a team. Although it is tough, pushing myself beyond my own limits and knowing that all my teammates are doing the same is extremely rewarding.

The major highlight of our first week of off-season training came on Friday afternoon. After a rainy week, the sun had finally come out for our final conditioning session. For the first part of our session, we separated into groups — attack, midfield, and defense — and completed different running stations. The next part of our conditioning was a green vs. gold challenge in a game of hand ball! The game was close, but with some big saves by Heather McDonald and a huge goal by Lexi Farmakis, the green team was able to pull away with a victory!

As we head into our second week of November training, I am very excited for our team to remain focused, push each other, and continue to work hard.

Go Tribe!


Entry #12
Lauren Binzer
Nov. 1, 2010

This past week marked the last week of our fall ball season, and as we prepared for our final play day we also prepared for the wonderful Halloween tradition that is the class costume competition (click here for photos ). Supplies were bought, fabric was sewn, cardboard was painted and before we knew it, Friday night had arrived and the much anticipated costumes were revealed. As the coaches scanned the room there was no doubt that each class had competed valiantly, and tremendous effort had been made.

The freshmen, being the “youngin’s” on the team appropriately chose the theme of Winnie the Pooh, and their furry animal costumes as well as a creative Kanga & Roo pouch idea were adorable. The sophomores gave the rest of the team a good laugh as they showed up as Cereal Box Characters, including a hilarious Toucan Sam, and an amazing execution of Captain Crunch. The junior class (champions their freshman year and looking to reclaim the throne), arrived in a cardboard Mystery Machine, singing the theme song to Scooby-Doo and dressed as characters from the classic TV show. Last but not least, the seniors flew in on their “broomsticks” as the “Griffin”-dor quidditch team, creatively honoring our new Tribe Mascot and paying tribute to the incredible Harry Potter series.

The coaches convened behind closed doors to judge which class deserved the coveted 1st place. Finally the votes were in and the award was presented to the junior class!! Celebration erupted as we claimed our prize, and on the way home we were already discussing ideas for next year. ☺

On Saturday, the Tribe came out ready to play in our last two fall competitions against GW and Highpoint. It was really exciting to see all the hard work we’ve put in these past weeks all come together all over the field. There was quick ball movement on attack, great transition of the ball in the midfield, and high pressure and lots of talk on the defensive end. Overall, it was a great last outing for the Tribe and now we’ll move into our November training this upcoming week!


Entry #11
Hannah Clarke
Nov. 1, 2010

Our fall ball season wrapped up this weekend and Tribe Lacrosse definitely ended it in style. Our final weeks worth of practices were nothing short of intense, kicking off our week with a Monday afternoon practice during a torrential downpour. Nothing stops the Tribe and we powered through despite not being able to see, being completely drenched, and running around in shorts that, for some, were way too heavy. Following Monday’s practice we had three morning practices, with our final practice on Friday morning being a Green/Gold challenge day! While the Green Team fought hard during every challenge, in the end the Gold Team came up with the victory (I mean with a group of seniors like Sarah Jonson, Maggie Anderson, Molly Wannen, and Grace Golden leading the Gold, it’s kind of hard for us to lose … I WANNA KNOW WHERE DA GOLD AT!!!)

Friday evening was when the team faced another showdown, the annual Halloween costume contest (click here for photos ). Every year our team has a competition among grades to see which group of girls can come up with the best costume theme. We had some pretty sweet costumes this year: The freshies chose to be characters from Winnie the Pooh, the sophomores dressed as cereal box mascots, the juniors were Scooby Doo characters, and the seniors were 30 minutes late. In the end, the juniors walked away the victory leaving the seniors, sophomores, and freshmen with the respective second, third, and fourth place finishes. Now I am not bitter or anything, but I thoroughly believe that the sophomore class was cheated when it comes to placing ESPECIALLY considering the amount of face paint used and the fact that we have the winner of the Best Costume award in our class (Katie Stillwell as Captain Crunch was way legit).

On Saturday, we hosted and played against George Washington University and High Point in our final tournament of the fall season. These final two games, each of which we won, really showed just how much our team has learned over the fall. It was amazing to watch the growth of every single player over the fall season; seeing everything and everyone coming together in our final two contests was incredible! From the defensive end to the attacking end, Tribe Lacrosse played two solid games. We had tremendous clears from our goalies, some nice knock-downs and ground balls on the defensive end, and some outstanding goals scored by our attack. Our team has worked so hard throughout the entire fall season and I can easily say that we are definitely ready and eager to get our spring season rolling. Thank you to all of the parents and fans who made it out to support us this past weekend and thank you for the delicious tailgate afterward! I personally LOVED the chili, so props to Mrs. Anderson, it was fabulous!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and Tribe love



Entry #10
Sarah Mulvey
Oct. 25, 2010

As fall ball comes to an end we were lucky enough to have yet another great day of competition. Being part of the Tribe means being part of a large extended family that is based out of mostly east coast states as well as multiple west coast states. Distance does not separate a family and this was seen last weekend on Homecoming. The current 2010-2011 Tribe team took on our former teammates and idols in an alumni game on a beautiful Saturday morning on Busch Field. I can truly say that these alumni gave us a run for our money, but we were able to pull out a victory and show them what our program has transformed into this far into the fall.

After an epic show down, we all traveled over to Zable to watch our football team take down the Blue Hens of Delaware. With a highlight ending victory, our football team won in the last 25 seconds of the game. Celebrating as one Tribe after a huge victory created a memory that connected previous and present members of our Tribe Family.

Homecoming shows how close of a family we really are. Whether one has graduated 10 years ago or a freshman on the team, we all share a common bond and that will connect us forever. I cannot wait for our team to finish strong in our final week of fall ball and bring everything together in our last fall competition this upcoming weekend. One Team, One Tribe!


Entry #9
Caitlin Murphy
Oct. 24, 2010

We’re closing in on the end of fall ball and we were fortunate enough to have yet another productive week of practices. Earlier this week our 2011 season schedule was officially posted, and with a season opener against Duke and an opportunity to play Northwestern in the Cowboys Stadium, we have a lot to work for. We ended practice Friday with the realization that we now have one less practice and one less week until our season opener, so we have to continue to take full advantage of each and every day.

With the end of week came the start of a very exciting weekend for not only Tribe lacrosse, but for the whole College. We kicked off the homecoming weekend with one of my fall ball favorites, the Alumni game. It was good to see the faces of graduated players, and as Mary Zulty - among others - proved, the alumni haven’t lost their touch. Of course, having current assistant coaches Sarah Dalton and Shannon Burke on their side didn’t hurt either. Despite their efforts, the 2010-2011 Tribe lacrosse team triumphed and walked away with a solid victory. From one victory to the next, the Tribe pulled out an exciting win over the Delaware Blue Hens in the homecoming football game, which just added to the celebration of the weekend.

Sunday morning, I got to sit among family, teammates, coaches, and other supporters of Tribe lacrosse to celebrate the 2010 season over brunch. We ended the brunch with a highlight video that reminded me of all the fun we had last season, but more importantly all the hard work we put in as well.

As Katie Delaney (’10) reminded me as well as the rest of the team in her senior address, we really are so lucky to be a part of this special Tribe family, and I think I speak for the whole team when I say we couldn’t be more pumped for the rest of this year to unfold.


Entry #8
Maggie Anderson
Oct. 17, 2010

As mentioned in many of the previous blogs, this fall has been a successful learning and growing period for Tribe lacrosse. We have been practicing for four weeks now, and although things haven’t always gone perfectly, we have continued to get better every day in areas that will only help us be more successful when the 2011 season arrives.

Since I’m a senior on this team, I am fortunate enough to have three years to look back on to help me gain perspective, which has helped me better lead this team along with my six other classmates. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and that every little thing counts when you are working towards winning a CAA Championship. What we have been doing individually starting way back in June and collectively through this first month of fall ball will directly impact our performances in the spring, and I couldn’t be more excited because of all the hard work I have seen put in from everyone on this team during that time.

For me personally, this fall has continued to be a learning (and re-learning) experience because I’m still working back from injury. The first couple weeks were still spent watching from the sidelines, and I was thoroughly impressed with skills and abilities of our team as a whole right off the start. The freshmen fit right in with the returners and have given us some new looks and options to work with, and the returners picked up right where we left off last season with all the improvements we had been making.

Now that I’m back on the field, I’ve really gotten to witness those changes and improvements made being put into action. Getting the opportunity to play with my teammates again after several months has been so much fun, and I’m learning new things from them everyday. As a team, we are building chemistry, confidence, and experience, which will all come into play this spring as we look to win a championship.

So far, we are off to a great start, and we will keep you posted throughout the rest of our fall!

Maggie Anderson


Entry #7
Sarah Jonson
Oct. 17, 2010

This Saturday we traveled to our final away competition at Longwood University in the lovely Farmville, Virginia. The day got off to a great start with a team favorite -- bagels with seasonal pumpkin cream cheese -- and only improved with the beautiful weather (70s and sunny). Though we weren't all as fortunate as Ashley to have tinted goggles to protect our eyes, I was able to prevent many sunburned lips with my diligent provision of chapstick on the sidelines.

As with all of our fall competitions to date, our games against ODU, Liberty, and Longwood provided a glimpse into a promising future while exposing some of our weaknesses. Our attack strung together some brilliant passing sequences and defense came up with some highlight worthy caused turnovers. Maggie Anderson continues to make a strong comeback and did some major damage with her trademark top-shelf rip and Caitlin Murphy wreaked havoc all day intercepting passes. Moving forward from here we will continue to refine our execution and really look to improve our overall communication and discipline.

Saturday was a special treat because our canine fan base showed up in full force. The Stillwells, Andersons, and Steinwegs all brought their dogs and our downtime was spent excessively petting them and wishing we could take them back to Williamsburg with us. See the picture to the right for a peek at Maggie's new dog, Annabelle, whose name I had the privilege of suggesting.

Watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on the bus ride home was the perfect cap to our day. Though I, prone to narcolepsy of late, slept through most of it, the movie was a crowd pleaser and set a high bar for movie choices to come.

Signing off until next time,

Sarah Jonson


Entry #6
Colleen Nofi
Oct. 11, 2010

This week of fall ball was not only exciting, but it was also extremely productive. We had our second day of fall competition against on Tuesday night, when we took on UVA’s Cavaliers. This was a very successful game for us, as we we’re able to effectively implement the skills we had been focusing on in practice. After three 30-minute periods, we finished strong and were happy with the notable effort and improvement. Looking forward, I’m even more excited to see the improvement continue as we move onward in our fall season.

This weekend, a large portion of our team was able to leave campus to return home for fall break. Luckily, our Friday afternoon practice was changed to the morning, so a lot of us were able to hit the road early, (hopefully avoiding the dreadful rush hour traffic). I personally got to venture back north to NY! I am excited to have the opportunity to be home for the weekend, but I am definitely going to miss the Tribe lacrosse family while I’m gone. I absolutely can’t wait to be back at practice next Thursday, and for our second multi-team event on October 16 when we’ll take on Old Dominion, Liberty, and Longwood in Farmville.

Go Tribe!



Entry #5
Katie Geary
Oct. 10, 2010

After a fun weekend of team bonding at Busch Gardens and winning a big home football game against Villanova, our Tribe Lacrosse team dove back into week three of fall ball!

On Monday, we jumped back into our lifting program followed by a tough practice. Unlike other fall seasons, this year we have started out fresh by incorporating a new challenging regime into our daily practice schedule. Each day the coaches chose different girls to challenge one another at practice. The new team challenges have been a great addition to our program. I believe it has increased the level of intensity only to help us in the future when we approach difficult situations in our spring games.

On Tuesday, we had a night game on Busch turf against UVA. Thankfully, all the rain we had the previous week stopped for the game! As a member of the Tribe lacrosse program, it was a true honor to play against their team. Our team played an awesome game. We started off powerfully by controlling draws and playing solid defense. It was so great to watch the new freshmen players continue to click on the field with the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Another highlight of the night was watching captain Maggie Anderson score her first goal after being injured for the past several months!

The rest of the week ended with two challenging practices on Thursday and Friday before the start of fall break. As one of the goalies on the team, it has been awesome to have Shannon and our new goalie coach, Randy, as new members of the Tribe family. Shannon and Randy both give the defense unbelievable feedback that we have been able to translate into our game. I am so excited to continue to have them be part of our program!

We are all pumped for the Longwood play-day next weekend to try some new defensive and offensive plays! LET’S GO TRIBE LACROSSE!

Katie Geary


Entry #4
Molly Wannen
Oct. 4, 2010

Week two of Fall Ball is now complete, and week three is about the start. Getting to the end of every week is a bittersweet feeling for me; another week of my senior season is now gone (SCARY), but that sad feeling is combated every day I have fun playing lacrosse with this team and continue to see us grow and get better. Even though we had a great play-day last Sunday at Hopkins, we were definitely all exhausted going into lifting on Monday. After a tough upper-body circuit, the coaches surprised us with a day off of practice! Good thing too, because the week-long downpour had already begun. We faced the rain Tuesday and Thursday morning in practice and, considering it was torrentially down pouring, had two great days out on the turf. Whenever the rain stopped, groups of us got together for individuals to make up for our cancelled practice on Monday. Overall, a great week of practice!

Friday’s practice was replaced by Busch Gardens for team bonding , thank goodness the rain stopped for us! As soon as we all got there and rode the Griffon (small change from our “Griffin” mascot spelling, but still awesome nonetheless) we all gathered for our annual Green & Gold Tribal Challenge Draft. We separated into our existing Green and Gold Teams and faced our newest members of the Tribe and our draft choices, the freshmen. After Chris announced that the Gold team prevailed after last years competition for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW (!!! Go Gold!!!), the green team picked up Taelor, Bridget, Heather, Lexi and Colleen and "the best team ever" picked up Jenna, Maggie, and Holly. We have already had a couple individual competitions for points these past two weeks in practice and I can’t wait to keep the competition going.

Hope to see all you W&M Lax fans on Tuesday night @ 7 p.m. when we face UVA for our second day of fall competition! Go Tribe. Go Griffins. - #10


Entry #3
Denise Lenihan
Oct. 4, 2010

This past weekend the Tribe lacrosse team ventured to the wonderful theme park of Busch Gardens. We left right after our team pictures at 3:30 p.m., and it was quite an interesting drive considering we had one large 12-person van along with four cars following packed with people. Trying to caravan through the streets of Williamsburg is tricky, and we did have to pull over twice. We eventually caught up with each other and made it to the park! Immediately after entering the parking lot we noted we were already in Italy (even the parking lots are themed with countries), which is the best country of them all! We got our tickets and headed into the park with little Jack Halfpenny leading the way. We all went on the first ride together as a team, one of their big roller coasters called The Griffon! Who knew they had a ride dedicated to our school mascot!?! So those who don't like roller coasters decided to stay and watch because this roller coaster does have a GIANT drop that is almost a straight-down drop. Right before the drop they hold you there suspended, waiting to fall for a second or two! After our first ride everyone loved it so much we rode that same roller coaster three more times! Luckily at this point in the afternoon not too many people were there and the lines were fairly short. If you're a roller coaster fan like I am they also have the Loch Ness Monster, Alpingeist, and Apollo's Chariot and all of them are so fun! But for the non-roller coaster fans we also went on the swings that go up in the air, the carousel, and others.

Although, after it got dark it was hard to find anything that was not scary. Since it was October 1st, Hallowscream had begun and was in full swing. There were scary people dressed up all throughout the park, either covered in fake blood carrying chainsaws or hidden in fake bushes and shrubs. They would jump out at you as you walk by and several times scared our team out their pants! The whole place was decorated and looked like a Halloween town! Plus they had themed haunted houses, shows, and rides that were especially scary. Later in the night more people came and were even dressed up already sporting their Halloween costumes! I have only been to Busch Gardens once before in my life and this time was by far the best! I love scary movies and I loved how awesome they made the park look. Now I only look forward to Halloween that much more, and I know the rest of the team does too!



Entry #2
Stephanie Steinweg
Sept. 26, 2010

Today we journeyed to the land of the Blue Jays to play Villanova, Johns Hopkins, and Loyola. The day began at around 6:15 a.m. when we all arrived at William and Mary Hall bright and early to gather our stuff from the locker room. Shortly after we made a very important pit stop at Manhattan Bagel to get the breakfast feast. We were hoping for pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese, but it is a seasonal special, so I guess we’ll have to wait a few more weeks. After a couple hours of snoozing, we awakened to honking cars and people screaming in Ravens jerseys, and we knew we were at last in Baltimore.

Upon leaving the bus, we marched onto the field ready to take on Villanova. This game was very productive for the Tribe in that we worked out some kinks and really began to find team chemistry. Our freshmen fit right in and we had several different contributors across the board. Most of all, the effort and hustle was contagious all across the field. We had a wonderful tailgate in between games, and then geared up to play the Blue Jays. This game was a very physical, aggressive match, and we definitely competed hard. Following another round of tailgating, we encountered our third competitor, Loyola. Again, the Tribe was put to the test, and we really came alongside each other and pushed one another to go harder, even in the face of fatigue. Once again, I am so impressed with the Tribe’s ability to come together and step up to any challenge, and the good news is, this fall journey has just barely begun. In the weeks to come we look forward to competitive practices and then a team bonding Busch Gardens day on Friday!


Entry #1
Brett Hayes
Sept. 26, 2010

We have just completed our first week of the full fall ball practice schedule! We had three weeks of individuals and lifting leading up to this past week, and although they were fun and necessary to work out some basic kinks, the individuals have just been a tease for the real thing. In addition to individuals in the third week, we were tested on various running exercises, and it was so exciting to see the athleticism and spirit with which the 2011 team passed all of the tests.

This past week we finally stepped onto the field as a team with Monday and Friday on Dillard and Tuesday and Thursday mornings on Busch Turf, and it has been so nice to breathe the early autumn air with a lacrosse stick in hand and my Tribe Lax teammates next to me.

It has been fun and exciting getting to know the eight new freshmen and welcoming them to the family (as well as passing off freshman duties), and it has been amazing to see them make the point clear that they are here to raise the level of play and will continue to do so.

Something that has been new for everyone is the new Challenge Day program. One day a week each player will have a match up and in every drill for practice that day the two players will be competing for points. It is exciting to have a new way to implement competition into our fall ball, and it will continue to make us better players and a better team as we prepare for the spring.

Week one of fall ball is over, so we are one week closer to our season opener! Thank you to all of our Tribe supporters, and I can’t wait for the rest of the school year to unfold.

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