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Eastern State Hospital Cross Country Maps and Layouts

WILLIAMSBURG - The William and Mary cross country team has made several adjustments to the course layouts from years past. Please see below for the most up-to-date course maps.

Men's Collegiate 8K Course Map
Women's Collegiate 6K Course Map
High School 5K Course Map

5K Course Directions
First Loop:
Begin at the start line and head downhill to first hill. Keep telephone pole to right and natural grass boundary to the left. Follow path and make a hard left into the “teardrop” loop. The 1k mark will be right before you exit the teardrop. Make a left out of the teardrop and bear left at first ‘y’ intersection keeping natural grass boundary to your immediate left. Follow hill up to next fork and bear to the left to continue nearly parallel to the original start line. Make left at cone that is located at the end of the finish cute. Follow path down to telephone pole and keep pole on left (mile mark is just after the telephone pole). Make left after pole and follow path back up the first hill.

Second Loop:
At the top of the hill again keep the pole to your right. Follow path back around (passing 2k mark) and past the teardrop opening – Do Not Enter teardrop. Bear right at ‘y’ intersection this time and cross driveway to enter the side loop. Follow path keeping the tree line to your left; you will loop back to the driveway. Cross the driveway and make a right after the building. Bear right at the fork and keep tree line to left. Follow path between the two large oak trees (3k mark just prior to the end of the tree line). Follow path around mobile classrooms towards finish line (2 mile mark just prior to finish line). Keep finish line on right. After passing finish line and finish chute you will head downhill to telephone pole.

Third Loop:
Make left after telephone to follow path back up hill and follow directions for the second loop until the finishing straight. Finish straight into the chute. 4k will be just prior to the first driveway crossing on this loop and 3 mile mark will be just prior to the end of the tree line by mobile classrooms.

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