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2010 Tribe Spring Football Headquarters - Spring Game Video Preview Now Available!


Spring Guide | Photos | Video
Player Blogs - Chase Hill | Ben Cottingham | Wes Steinman | Keith Hill, Jr.

Ben Cottingham

Entry 5 - April 13

During last Friday afternoon's practice, we held our second scrimmage of the spring season. Defensively, I would give the performance a B/B- according to the standard we hold ourselves to. Our run defense has not skipped a beat from last season's success, and our pass defense still continues to be too difficult to be broken down. The scrimmages are intra-squad, but they are highly competitive. Animosity builds up between the offense and defense throughout the week, and it’s always good to get a chance to line up and compete.

This week's shout out goes to the defensive line. This week was a tough week of practice for the entire team. Let's just face it, it was hot [reaching the 90’s on a couple of days]. But for the defensive line you wouldn't know that they practiced the whole week with six, yes SIX players. It would be easy as a player to look at the odds you're up against, having six defensive linemen versus 10-15 offensive linemen, and turn in a mediocre effort. Against all the odds, they performed to an equal standard, if not better than if they were at full strength. If the goal line stand [where the offense had multiple goes from inside the five, including one from inside the one] at the end of Monday's practice didn't prove anything, the multiple pressures and sacks on the quarterback during the entire week, including the scrimmage, was enough to say that our guys have what it takes. It may not always be perfect, but if the effort is there plays will be made. The defensive line is still talented. People may think we have fallen talent wise, with the loss of three high-caliber players [graduated seniors Adrian Tracy, Sean Lissemore and C.J. Herbert], but the 2010 group will continue to hold it down on the line of scrimmage.

One week until the spring game! This week's for fine tuning, and then we get down to business ...

Entry 4 - April 5

Spring football is continuing at a fast pace as usual. With one full scrimmage down, coaches truly have a good grasp of what they can expect from their players in game-time situations. Not saying that anything has been solidified or that there is no room for growth of players, but during a scrimmage you see what players are capable of without their coaches standing behind them. Some standout performers from last week's scrimmage include [redshirt freshman outside linebacker] Dante Cook, who was awarded the defensive player of the scrimmage, [freshman offensive lineman] James Johnson, offensive player of the scrimmage, redshirt freshman wide receiver C.J. Thomas, and junior defensive tackle Harold Robertson III.

The Tribe 'Green Swarm' defense played particularly well in run defense, but turned in an underachieving performance in pass defense. A goal for our team defensively is to execute the fundamentals in order to ultimately master the schemes and strategies implemented by the coaches. Throughout the spring we strive daily to get better at the little things so when game time comes they are second nature. Every day there is an emphasis on creating turnovers and scoring on defense. As the spring continues, we look to turn up the heat by executing more defenses at an intense pace and develop an unrelenting mentality.

In other news, on Tuesday, April 6 at 5:30 p.m. at Kaplan Arena the new Tribe mascot will be selected. The Wren, Pug, Griffin, Phoenix, and King and Queen are the five finalists. My choice would either be the Wren or the Phoenix because they could at least have green and gold feathers resembling the former Tribe logo. The King and Queen would be a ridiculous choice for mascot. They seem to fit in more at a William and Mary theme park rather than a football game. As for the Pug and the Griffin, they don't seem to make much sense as mascots for the Tribe.

The Spring Game is looming as April 17th approaches...

Entry 3 - March 30

Monday's practice was pretty tough. As I've said before, spring football is very competitive, and the offense decided to step their game up yesterday afternoon. I would say that they got the best of us. Well actually they got worst of us, because each day you get better or you get worse and although the defense may have not had their best practice we will only get better from here on out.

During the spring players have a little more free time than the fall. While most of this time is devoted to studying, a sad truth of William and Mary, some players find time for a few extra-curricular activities. One of the activities myself and a few other teammates have gotten involved with this spring is the Neighborhood Basketball League (NBL), here in Williamsburg. Four defensive backs including Terrell Wells, Ethan Lee, Ryan Smith and myself are involved, as well as linebacker Jabrel Mines, wide receiver Terreon Conyers, student coach Lee Williams and All-CAA punter David Miller.

Miller and I coach a 10-12 team that has seen better days. Although our players have made great strides during our short season so far, our record, which I will not disclose, does not show it. David has been an excellent assistant coach and loves working with the kids to see their improvement.

After last Saturday's practice, however, there was a showdown between teams coached by Terrell Wells and Terreon Conyers. The game was intense, as Wells, assisted by Lee and Mines, led his team into halftime with a large lead. However, Conyers, assisted by Smith, implemented various defensive strategies and staged one of the greatest comebacks in NBL history. The comeback culminated in overtime, with a game-winning lay-up off a well-coordinated in-bounds play by Conyers’ team.
It is great to see the Tribe in the community. Football is part of our daily lives, but it is not all we do. My next blog will include highlights from our upcoming scrimmage. Make sure to check back.


Entry 2 - March 26

Tribe Faithful,

Wednesday afternoon we put in that hard work that we need to in order to reach our goal of a NCAA championship next season, as it was an intense practice. I want to send a shout out to [redshirt freshman free safety] Ethan Lee for getting a big pick late in practice. Ethan was a walk-on player just like myself and is challenging to move into a starting role this spring. He has some big shoes to fill for two reasons; one, he's replacing Rob Livingston, an outstanding three-year starter, and two, Rob was my best friend on the team. After his pick (which I had confidently predicted) he's got my full confidence and went up on my top friends list as well.

I mentioned in my last blog that we have a lot of young talent on defense, but I did not mention the inordinate amount of personality that is spread from every position group. My favorite character on the roster right now is freshman T.K. Hester, a shutdown corner by day, and a hardcore rap artist by night. While I haven't really gotten into his music, the kid has incredible personality and he's the man I look to in order to raise my spirits during practice. He knows how to lighten up any situation, and only [Tribe Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Bob] Shoop knows how to bring out his dark side. Another one of my favorite players is [redshirt freshman] Dante 'Swag' Cook, outside linebacker, who knows how to make any situation into the most important and significant circumstance of all time. If he doesn't make it to the NFL, he's definitely made the smartest career move by entering the business school for marketing, but I say he'll make a great used car salesman.

As for me, I love to find the humor in the game of football. One of my most memorable moments as a Tribe football player was watching film with [current NFL cornerback and former Tribe CB] Derek Cox. Watching film with Cox was like watching a great standup comedy act. We would sit in the front row of the room and giggle like fifth graders. As cornerbacks we have the toughest position physically, but probably the least demanding mentally. So watching film can be tough, just ask any defensive back who has to make it through a two-hour film session, but humor has been my mechanism to sustain my focus.

As spring ball continues there will be much more enduring of film sessions with the search for Tribe football follies. This, of course, comes after the lesson is learned.

Stay tuned...

Entry 1 - March 22

Tribe Faithful,

This is Ben Cottingham, senior cornerback No. 24, and I am happy to be blogging with you all this spring. I'm from Edgewood, Maryland and am pursuing my Master’s of Education degree here at the College.

After last season's success, it is easy to say that we accomplished a lot as a program and should be satisfied, but this spring we are looking to improve as a team and accomplish everything that we missed out on last year. Being a member of one of William and Mary's best defenses in the program's long and excellent history was special, but an NCAA championship is what we all are tying to accomplish. We are looking to take all of our progress to the next level. It started this winter in the weight room, and we will continue to improve every day on the practice field.

I'm excited to be a part of the 2010 Tribe football team, especially the defense. We have a young and talented set of defensive backs. Our linebackers are explosive playmakers, and the defensive line plays with great technique and speed. It is going to be a competitive and intense spring season as we improve daily.

Check back in for updates.


Chase Hill

Entry 4 - April 13

Hello everyone, Chase Hill checking in from Williamsburg again.

Last Friday we finished our second intra-squad scrimmage of the season. Compared to our first scrimmage, the amount of plays that were run was increased. The offense was put in more game-like situations, such as goal line, backed up, and two-minute. [Sophomore] Tight end Alex Gottlieb was named offensive player of the scrimmage as he made crucial catches and solidified a strong run-blocking game.

The offense is always looking for consistency. There are times when we are hot and others when we are cold, but on average we are coming together as a unit and increasing the rhythm we hold on the field. All 11 players must work together for an offensive play to be successful, and it takes a lot of hard work to successfully execute a complete drive down the field.

We have less than a week left of practice and throughout the course of spring the wide receiver core has been increasing its chemistry with the new quarterbacks [all seven of them]. Timing is key in the passing game and every rep is an opportunity for the wide receivers and quarterbacks to get into sync. This spring we have been “airing” it out more than usual to ensure a good mesh between the primary players in the passing game.

The team is left with only two practices before the annual Green and Gold Spring Game this Saturday. As spring winds down, players attempt to put together everything they have been taught over the past month for the final practices and hopefully have it carry over to summer practices. Even though the end is near, players are reminded constantly there is still time to improve and get better.

Come support Tribe Football this Saturday, April 17th at 1:30 p.m. at Zable Stadium for the annual Spring Game!

Thank You and God Bless!

C. Hill #15

Entry 3 - April 1

Hello everyone, Chase Hill checking in from Williamsburg again.

Wednesday’s night practice allowed for the team to see its first extended time for live action as we completed our first intra-squad scrimmage. The first part of Wednesday night’s practice was dedicated to gearing up for scrimmage. Specialists and lineman both competed in one-on-one drills and afterwards the team participated in the seven-on-seven passing perimeter. Coach Laycock broke up the scrimmage into sections as each rotating group ran between eight and 10 plays. The scrimmage lasted around 50 plays, as it was an opportunity to display how far individuals have come within the first two weeks of spring.

The offensive focused mostly on the passing game, as we continually search for a quarterback to replace graduated senior R.J. Archer. Redshirt junior Mike Paulus and redshirt freshman Brent Caprio took the majority of the quarterback reps, while redshirt junior Terrance Schmand and redshirt freshman Mike Graham also received action. All forms of the passing game were attempted as variations of tailback screens were accomplished and deep play-action shots were taken down the field. Rhythm was found on multiple occasions as the offensive was able to move down the field while racking up consecutive first downs. The offensive line was anchored by the veteran play of redshirt seniors Keith Hill [right tackle] and Derek Toon [right guard].

Offensively, big plays were made by the wide receiver corps. Each receiver made the most of their reps whether it was running routes or blocking defenders down field. Two big plays came from redshirt senior Marshall Dill, who scored on a dig route across the middle, and by redshirt sophomore C.J. Thomas, who scored on a deep post route burning the corner and safety.

On a lighter note, spring is in full bloom in Williamsburg and the team is taking advantage of the warming weather. Even with the large load of practice and school work, players are still finding time to make it down to Jamestown Beach to soak up the sun rays or to the lakes to catch the early spring bass. These “social” events outside of football allow for greater team bonding as we grow closer as friends and teammates. With the spring season also comes preparation for the summer season. Players are beginning to find jobs and sign up for classes, as the majority of the team is prepared to be in Williamsburg during the summer months.

The team is halfway through Spring Practice and we are left with only one more scrimmages before the Spring Game. Even as the two sides of the ball compete against each other daily, Coach Laycock reminds the team to focus on competing against ourselves to become better players. The Spring Game is upon the horizon, and we are all excited to display our improvements and our ability to be athletes on a Division I level.

Check in often for more detailed updates, thank you for supporting Tribe Football, and God Bless.

C. Hill #15

Entry 2 - March 25

Hello everyone, Chase Hill checking in from Williamsburg again.

Since my last entry, we have completed two more practices; four down and 11 to go. With such a short spring season, coaches cannot express enough that every day is an opportunity to improve and no reps should be wasted.

The offense has fully installed the entire playbook. Adjustments for each play are now made with personnel and formation changes as we constantly tweak the playbook and strive for perfection. With players graduating from key positions, offensive chemistry is extremely important as all 11 players must all be on the same page to be successful. Film study has also picked up as virtually every play in practice is gone over in film meetings. Film allows coaches to critique play of individuals and helps players learn from their mistakes, as the saying goes “the big eye in the sky never lies.”

Competition is heating up as the offense and defense is beginning to crack heads more often during practice. From this point on, all practices are full pads with portions being full go. The one-on-one battles of practice have begun as receivers try to shake defensive backs and the lineman clash in the trenches. Even though we are beginning to move to the more physical aspect of football, we are still focusing on technique and fundamentals.

Our first intra-squad scrimmage of the season is on the horizon, and the team is excited to get at it.

Check in often for more detailed updates, thank you for supporting Tribe Football, and God Bless.

Chase Hill #15

Entry 1 - March 22

Hello Everyone! This is Chase Hill checking in from Williamsburg, Virginia! I am a native of Virginia Beach, Va., where I played football at Princess Anne High School. Next year will be my last year with the program as I will be a fifth-year senior.

I play all positions at the wide receiver spot, and I also long snap for our punt team. I am double majoring here at the College in Economics and PMC (Process Management & Consulting), with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Spring 2010 football is underway. It is a good feeling getting back into the swing of things as we prepare to make big gains and improve both as individuals and as a team. From the end of last year’s season, up until this point in spring practice, the team has put in a lot of hard work with John “Rock” Sauer, our Strength and Conditioning Coach. Players are excited to see their offseason efforts convert to greater individual success on the practice field during these next couple of weeks.

With two of our 15 total practices already completed, we have worked at an extremely quick pace. Offensively, we have already installed our fundamental pass and run packages. Our current focus is on player technique as we do endless drills on stance, blocking, cuts, etc. Competition is always the underlying theme of spring practice, as our offense and defense have already begun scrimmaging at a “tag” tempo.

Last year was a historic season for the team as we finished 11-3 and made it to the National Semifinals. We plan to build on that momentum entering next season, and we know the first step on our journey is Spring Ball. Even with the loss of many key players, we bring back experience on both sides of the ball along with a talented young group ready to step up and prove they can be relied on.

Check in often for more detailed updates, thank you for supporting Tribe Football, and God Bless.

C. Hill #15

Wes Steinman

Entry 4 - April 15

Hello again, Tribe fans!

Wes Steinman checking back in on the Tribe’s progress through spring ball. Since I last wrote, we have been scrimmaging a lot and working extremely hard. The Tribe held its second full-go scrimmage last Friday. The offense was able to put together a few drives, but the defense was much improved and played pretty well. Due to some injuries, especially at defensive line, certain players have been forced to take a lot of reps and play multiple positions. Kyle O’Brien, Bryan Jean-Pierre, Harold Robertson, Michael Stover, Bryan Stinnie, and Chris Johnson have all done a great job playing the different positions up front and making plays.

Beginning our last week of spring practice, we have done everything but take it easy. Monday and Wednesday’s practice consisted of competitive one-on-ones as well as some situational scrimmaging. Again, the defense has continued to improve and got the best of the offense in both scrimmage opportunities. As a defensive unit, we are working to not only be athletic, but very physical. As new packages go in, different players have opportunities to showcase their talent. [Redshirt freshman linebacker] Dante Cook has shown to be a playmaker along with [sophomore defensive back] Terrell Wells. The young guys have done an excellent job of buying into the defensive scheme and learning their assignments and alignments.

As spring ball comes to a close, we have Friday to fix the little problems and make small adjustments before we partake in the annual spring game. Defensively, we have made great strides in the right direction, but still have plenty of work to be done. Leaders must continue to develop ,and we must find our own identity for the 2010 season.

Make sure to make it to Zable Stadium Saturday at 1:30 to get a preview of what the 2010 Tribe football team has to offer.

Take care, Tribe faithful. Go Tribe!


Entry 3 - April 5

Hello again, Tribe fans. Senior Linebacker, Wes Steinman checking back in. The 2010 William and Mary football team is now halfway done with its spring season. Everyone has been working hard and pushing themselves, so we’ve been rewarded with an extra day off to celebrate Easter and get our bodies back.

The team finally got to scrimmage full go Wednesday night. Offensively, the scrimmage consisted of a lot of passing and a few big plays. Defensively, we still have some work to do. It was encouraging to see the physicality of some of the young guys. We’re going to need to continue to gel as a unit and find our own identity, but we’re definitely on the right track.

This week is going to be a hot one, so that will test our mental toughness and execution as a team. With another scrimmage opportunity coming up, we’re looking to continue our progression to become a championship defense and ultimately a great team. Be sure to check back in after the scrimmage for updates. Take care, Tribe faithful.


Entry 2 - March 26

Hello again, Tribe faithful. Wes Steinman checking back in with updates on the Tribe’s progression. The 2010 W&M football team is four practices in and progress is quite noticeable. The offense has definitely picked it up as the defensive side of the ball continues to get better each day. We started competing in 7v7 drills, which is a nice change of pace. It’s encouraging to see everyone get excited about the chance to compete.

The defensive and offensive lines are getting more physical as one-on-one drills have begun. Every position is making huge strides but there is plenty of work to be done. I know the entire team as well as myself is looking forward to some full-go scrimmaging. Football is a tough game to play at a tag tempo but everyone is doing well at practicing the way they’re supposed to.

Both sides of the ball have players stepping up and making plays, yet leadership remains a question mark. Offensively, there are position battles as people compete for starting roles and playing time. Defensively, we must continue to improve and stay focused on the task at hand. We must establish our own identity, which I’m sure will come as we progress through spring ball. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition and intensity is sure to increase.

Go Tribe


Entry 1 - March 22

Hello all, #48 senior linebacker, Wes Steinman checking in. I am a Kinesiology major, with an Economics minor from Wilmington, N.C. After falling short of a national championship last fall, the Tribe is still looking to improve on a great season.

As winter conditioning comes to a close, the guys are excited to get spring ball underway. Going into my last spring ball, there are mixed emotions but excitement nonetheless. Great strides were made during winter workouts, but there is still a lot of work to be done to replace the talent lost.

Our first two practices were just in helmets, as they were conditioning and installment oriented. With new faces in new positions, the guys are excited about their opportunity to show what they can do. The defense is graduating a lot of talent, including quite a few who are looking at potential futures in the NFL, so we are looking for some players to step up and take on starting roles this spring. Defensively, we seem to be pretty solid with assignments and alignment but must continue to get better.

With five captains graduating, we’re going to need new leaders to step up and take ownership of this team. Monday will be the first day in pads, which is sure to make things more interesting and competitive.

Check back in for updates on the progress of the 2010 tribe football team…GO TRIBE!



Keith Hill, Jr.

Entry 3 - April 9, 2010

Hi everyone,

Here is another update from Tribe spring camp 2010! It was a hot one this week with temperatures over 90 degrees on several days in a row, but that did not stop us. On Monday we had a great practice with a little taste of full go scrimmage towards the end of the day where we had offense versus defense goal line scrimmage. Unfortunately, after several tries the defense stopped the offense and won the little mini-scrimmage, but there will be more chances for our offense to show its stuff.

This Wednesday we dialed things down a little bit since it was another scorching day like it was on Monday, because we have been going after it since day 1. It was a nice day to get lots of mental reps and recover from the bumps and bruises you may have accumulated over the course of spring ball. This by no means was a day off, but more of a better way to prepare for the big scrimmage we have coming up.

I am very excited about the scrimmage coming up because it’s yet another chance where we get to test ourselves in the closest thing we can get to a game situation. On the offensive line, we will have a couple young guys filling in the guard slots with two of last year’s starters sidelined for the time being, but I have confidence in the young guns to get the job done ... and that the more experienced guys will be doing all they can to get healthy. It should be a very exciting night, fueled by competition and who knows, maybe our new mascot the Griffin will show up to support the Tribe!

Check in again next week to see how the scrimmage went.

Til next time,

Entry 2 - March 25

A couple more practices down and things are going great for the green and gold thus far. On the offensive line, we came into camp looking to replace our starting left tackle and center positions. We have some young players who I think are more than ready to step up and contribute. James Pagliaro and Mike Salazar have seen a lot of time at center and tackle, respectively, and have done very well, but there are others pushing them for playing time as well. Robbie Gumbita and Dan Donker are seeing a lot of reps in the tackle slots, while our freshman Matt Crisafi and James Johnson are getting lots of work in the interior positions.

Today we did OL vs. DL one-on-one run blocking, which matches an offensive and
defensive lineman in live, head-to-head drills to see who wants to win more. This drill creates a lot of competition and challenges everyone, everyday. After that we had our first session of one-on-one pass rush drills, and I would have to say that it was a tie between the offensive and defensive line for both drills, but everyone gave 100% effort, without a doubt.

Wednesday's practice was a slam-packed afternoon, and I'm sure that our first glimpse of live scrimmage is somewhere in our near future. Thanks for checking again! GO TRIBE!


Entry 1 - March 22

Hey y'all, my name's Keith Hill, Jr., No. 72, and I am fifth-year senior this upcoming season from Hamilton Square, New Jersey.

This spring I will be finishing up my major in Kinesiology and plan to finish my second degree in Sociology next year. I will be a three-year starter on the offensive line for the Tribe at right tackle and hope teach some of these young guns on the OL the ropes.

It’s nice to finally get back into the swing of things for football in the spring, since the semester is half over. I was excited for spring ball to start since I was unfortunately unable to participate last spring due to a shoulder injury. The first two practices on Friday and Saturday were helmet practices, so the coaches could install our respective offensive and defensive strategies.

Now it sure wouldn't be spring ball if the O and D didn't face off on day 1; even though we didn't have pads on, we still were out there competing against each other and getting better every snap.

That's all I have for now folks, but be sure to check in real soon to hear about Monday's practice when we strap on the pads and get down to business.

Yours truly, Keith


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